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"Is It Safe?" with MLB Umpire, Jerry Meals.  Unreal video from Benstonium.  Breakfast Meth? SAFE!

The now-famous one punch fight from Wednesday’s Pirates game. via 96.1 Freakshow

Deadspin: Then And Now With The Pirates In First Place In July

I almost never link to Deadspin, but since it’s not AJ Daulerio, it’s probably okay.


Jim Leyland swearing at Barry Bonds like a maniac, circa 1991. Amazing. via PSAMP

DK: Pirates Resilient Fans Merit Salute

Let’s go Bucs, indeed


The New NHL12 trailer is pretty unreal.  via Joystiq

Cutch being interviewed during the All-Star HR Derby last night.  Makes you wanna hire Clint Hurdle as the manager of your life.  via 96.1 Freakshow